Construction Accounting

ComputerEase, the best construction software that is easy to use and works the way you work. Software that integrates Job Cost, Construction Accounting, and Project Management.

Construction CRM

Project-SalesAchiever CRM software combines all the features you would expect from a powerful CRM package and also includes powerful project or job oriented business lead management.

Field Management

This all-in-one Field to Office collaboration system uniquely designed to keep everyone in the office and in the field on the same page. Prepare timesheets, daily job logs and job cost information through a web browser.

Custom Solutions

Out of the box software doesn’t meet everyone’s needs 100% of the time.  If your business has a unique requirement, we can help fill the gap with custom software solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing moves your organization’s computing resources out of your office to the Internet and provides access to desktops from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Outsourced IT

Our Total Care Managed Service plan allows you to offload your IT operations to us.  We’ll proactively manage and take responsibility for your infrastructure and end-user systems for an affordable monthly fee.


Common Sense Solutions, Inc., founded in 1993, is a computer systems integrator that works primarily with commercial construction clients in the Midwest.  We provide our construction clients with outsourced network consulting services and products, cloud services, estimating and job costing software, construction specific CRM software and custom development.

  • I was faced with the challenges of learning a new industry. ComputerEase software turned out to be an excellent learning tool for me, it’s so easy to use. Plus I got excellent training and support from all the people I work with at Common Sense Solutions — Ali, Amy, Beth, Ed, and Roxanne are all great! The one time there was a concern, I called the President, Terry, and we had a great conversation. How many places can you say you are comfortable calling the President and know he will listen to you, care about what you have to say, and even call back unsolicited later to see how you are doing.

    Cheryl McCoy
    Resource Electrical Systems, Inc.

    CSS is a rare company ....offering knowledgeable computer services in today’s business world, top notch technical support, and a staff that genuinely cares about their clients. In 20 years of business, contracting CSS was one of the best decision I ever made. It allowed me to be with my staff focusing on my customers, confident that the technical aspects were well designed, purchased and programmed for my needs. They were secured and backed up with remote assistance in a matter of minutes should the need arise! Once again I thank you for your tremendous support.

    Rebecca Courtright
    Courtright's Restaurant

    “When my employees are happy, I’m happy. And I’m happier when I know I can focus on things other than IT. I tell everyone, don’t try to do it yourself, call CSS. If you do it yourself you’ll only make it worse! CSS’s help desk phone and remote support are invaluable services since my staff doesn’t have to spend time on it. We no longer have hardware problems like we used to have where viruses forced us to throw away $2,000 notebooks because we couldn’t wipe them clean. The cost savings from a data recovery perspective alone has been significant. Even in the unfortunate circumstance where a couple of my salesmen’s notebooks were stolen, I didn’t have to worry about recovering them. Now I have a spare notebook, and can get it restored and back up and running in no time.”

    John Dolan
    Thermosystems, Inc.

    With ComputerEase, we went from three programs to one.  We were using a database program to keep job details for our sales staff, QuickBooks for accounting and Excel spreadsheets for everything else.  No more jumping from program to program.

    Pete Cikesh
    Interior Systems, Inc.

  • Support For The Paranoid:  As I’m working through new stuff, like lien waivers, I feel very comfortable calling support with questions.  I’m a paranoid person, and the support line is my reassurance that I’m not doing anything wrong.  As a new user, I need that calming effect.

    Shannon Bartch
    Bartch Roofing

    Thank you Sara, you're the best. I know I should have been able to get this straight, but I am glad to know that you and all the others at CSS are there to help when needed. By the way, I would like to tell you that we are very pleased with all the computer support CSS provides us and I think it was one of the best decisions we've made to partner with CSS for our computer needs. All I can say is THANK YOU and please keep up the great work.

    Anthony Farace
    Amari & Locallo

    I’d recommend ComputerEase and Common Sense Solutions to any contractor. We get the job costing data we need from the software to run our business. Plus the support we receive is better than any other we’ve experienced.  It’s better, faster, and they definitely know the system.  With QuickBooks or other software programs, I was never sure who I was talking to or if they even knew what they were talking about.  I never worry about that anymore when I call with a support question.

    Candy Branham
    Branham Electric

    Ongoing support is great, I particularly like the free webinars that are offered. We especially took advantage of them when we were new users.  The information offered is very valuable.

    Jahnne Kae Blattner
    Wissehr Electrical Contractors

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