According to a recent study, by 2020, 100% of large enterprises will need to report on their cybersecurity measures to their board of directors.  What are you doing today to ensure you’re protected from an attack?

Making the shift to a ‘modern desktop’ removes the pain of you keeping your desktop environment secure with built-in protection and easy access to security updates.  A ‘modern desktop’ is Windows 10 and Office 365 kept up to date –and while that combination seems straightforward, adopting these solutions can be a challenge.

If you’re considering deploying new PCs or getting PCs up to standard and would like to learn more about how to plan, implement, and optimize your IT assets, contact us today to learn how.  At CSS, we have some of the best IT pros you will find, and together, we can integrate your modern desktop solutions quickly and securely, bringing your desktops up to par with the latest digital security solutions.