ComputerEase is the leading provider of construction accounting for contractors.  This all-in-one software is easy to use and works the way a contractor works.  However, based on unique needs some contractors have, unique solutions are sometimes called for.  That’s where these custom built, add-on modules come in handy.  Here are a few of the integrated solutions we have packaged to meet the specific needs of our clients:

ComputerEase Module Add-ons

We’ve created an Estimate Integration Tool (EI) that makes the quoting process easier by:

  • Adding additional items from ComputerEase inventory
  • Adjusting labor and material margins
  • Applying a sales or use tax rate
  • Overriding items line by line
  • Sending details to ComputerEase to print a Quote
  • Editing and copying prior quotes
  • Maintaining a history of all quote draft copies

Once a quote is approved by the customer, the budget is automatically sent to ComputerEase to:

  • Create the contract amount and all cost details to a ComputerEase job budget
  • Create the materials details for a ComputerEase Pull List

You know that a profitable job does not end once the deal is signed.  An important part of job profits are change orders and how they are handled.  The EI tool will allow the same ability to import spreadsheets, add items from inventory, and manipulate final pricing, but can also create the detailed change order for ComputerEase.  The tool provides the ability to do all of the functions noted above plus:

  • Send the details to ComputerEase to print a Change Order Quote
  • Send the details to ComputerEase for adding a Change Order to a Job
  • Send the details to a new Pull List

We’ve taken the complications out of work order processing and created a paperless, mobile work order solution to save time, money and eliminate steps from your employee’s daily tasks so they can work more efficiently.

Mobile Work Orders will help to:

  • Track travel and work time by work order
  • Attach photos or other files to a work order
  • Eliminate lost paperwork
  • Minimize client disputes
  • Automatically send emails when needed
  • Track multiple workers per work order
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Automatically update accounting for more accurate job costing
  • Eliminate paper copies

Take a look at a work order system that provides mobility and communication, while improving efficiency and the bottom line.

Handling intercompany transactions can be a tedious, manual process, and who likes to reconcile intercompany accounts?

There’s a way to efficiently process these transactions using the intercompany transfer module from Common Sense Solutions.

The module is easy to install, and provides for the automatic generation of offsetting intercompany transactions.  Transactions created in accounts payable and payroll for one company can be allocated to an unlimited number of related companies automatically.

If you’re not familiar with software dashboards, they act very much like the dashboard in your car — a central location to access and analyze up-to-date information so you can make smarter and safer decisions.  Good software dashboards enable you to monitor and measure sales, job performance, and other metrics in real-time.

ComputerEase offers a basic dashboard that comes with the system, but I bet you didn’t know those dashboards can be customized to provide you with analytics specific to your company’s key performance indicators.

The key features are:

  • Ability to import multiple AP invoices with multiple distribution lines
  • Ability to import job cost details to multiple jobs, cost codes and GL accounts
  • Creating multiple jobs with Phases and Categories without copying existing jobs in CE
  • Ability to re-import over existing jobs, budgets, contract amounts, phases & categories

Does your company process project billing through a civil engineer?  Then you’re familiar with EJCDC (Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee) documents and what it takes to complete them.

Did you know that ComputerEase can make it easier to complete these forms?  In particular, the Contractors Application for Payment, and Progress Estimates – Lump Sum Work forms.  We’ve created fillable PDF forms that pre-populate the information required on these forms directly from ComputerEase.  It’s user friendly, time friendly, and most importantly error proof, eliminating the rekeying of data that can cause errors.

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