Back Up & Disaster Recovery

Long gone are the days of swapping tapes, USB drives, or any other solution you came up with to make sure you had a backup in case of a disaster.

With Data Guard or Data Guard Plus you can save your business from downtime, lost productivity and lost revenue.

Data Guard provides:

  • File-level cloud backup
  • Scheduled backup of open file types
  • Exchange and Microsoft SQL backup compatible
  • Local backup to an on-site appliance
  • Off-site backup to a secure cloud
  • Fast and granular recovery

Data Guard Plus provides:

  • Image-based backup of servers and workstations
  • Local backup to an on-site BDR appliance
  • Off-site backup to a secure cloud
  • Complete and fast recovery on-site or in the cloud
  • Automatic verification of backup results
  • Compliant data centers
  • 100% uptime cloud service-level agreement (SLA)
  • 999% reliability, translating to less than 5 minutes of downtime per year
  • Automatic verification of results
  • 128-bit SSL and 256-bit AES encryption


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