Welcome New Members!

Welcome new CAGC member!

Common Sense Solutions is the “go to” firm for hundreds of Construction
companies throughout the Midwest.
Products and services we offer:

Network and Cloud Services

  • Technology Consulting
  • Network & PC Support
  • Managed Services
    (Helpdesk & Monitoring)
  • Star2Star VOIP Services
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

Customized Corporate
Technology Solutions

  • Custom Programming
  • Estimate Integration
  • Application Integration
  • Database Development
Construction Software

  • ComputerEase Construction Management Software
  • FieldEase
  • ProEst Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Project Sales Achiever CRM for construction
  • Training & Technical Support
  • Consulting

Niche solutions

  • Fire suppression
  • Traffic control
  • Construction HR
As a new member of the CAGC, we would like to offer you the following:

  • A free network health check: W e run a non -intrusive asset tool and perform an onsite review of network infrastructure, network management, internet security, wireless network and much more. We will provide a written report of the health of your computer systems and network, including security assessment and cloud readiness.
  • A free business systems consultation: A review of you r business support software and systems that provides an assessment of how well they support your business goals and future growth. The focus on the effectiveness and efficiency of the systems you use to collect and report on the data needed to run
    your business.
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