Cash Management

Cash Flow CenterThe Cash Flow Center details your daily cash position, provided that all receipts and payables go as planned. But since things

don’t always go as expected, the Cash Flow Center also allows you to adjust these factors and develop alternative cash plans so that your cash position stays positive.  Monitor accounts that are in collections and check the invoice notes to see if anyone has

contacted the customer about collecting payment. This will help you oversee your staffs’ collection efforts and determine when you may need to intervene to contact overdue customers.

Prompt-Pay Discounts

Once you have a solid grasp on your financial position, you can use your line of credit wisely to take advantage of prompt-pay discounts – just one more way that having your finances organized allows you to save money.

Your CPA’s Role

Now that your records will be managed by ComputerEase, your CPA won’t have to spend time (and your money) bookkeeping and can focus instead on tax planning.  Plus, ComputerEase provides you with excellent audit trails, which will speed up your CPA’s work.

Profit and Loss Reporting

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