We’re hearing many of our customers talking about either starting a services department or expanding the one they already have. They’re seeing that the 10-year long recovery from the Great Recession is starting to dwindle, and the Covid-19 Pandemic is going to accelerate that trend in the next 12-24 months. We’re certainly not economic forecasting experts, so who really knows, but the concept of filling in for the inevitable downtrends of project work makes sense for many.

If your business plan is to pivot into more service work, have you thought about how to scale to handle more volume of everything? Will you be ready to quickly and efficiently create service quotes, work orders, dispatch technicians, and in-voice clients?

If you’re looking for an easier and automated way to handle your service business, here are some features you should expect in a good service management product

Quote Generation

  • Service typically involves a higher volume of lower dollar quotes than you would generate for large jobs, and requires much faster turn-around.
  • Do you have someone responsible for not only generating quotes, but following up on them? How about a way to track all activities to make sure they get done?
  • Most service work is going to be quoted to the end user instead of through a GC. Does your current system provide a method to easily identify and market to those users?

Work Order Creation

  • Automated, seamless flow for work orders from the initial phone call to scheduling to billing is critical.
  • Work order creation includes the ability to look at prior history for that service site, by specific equipment if necessary.
  • Auto generate work orders for preventative maintenance or inspections.

Improved Service Technician Scheduling

  • A customizable service management grid on the dispatch board to track assigned and unassigned calls and priorities.
  • Easily move a call from the unassigned area to a technician to schedule a call, and send the service details to the tech electronically.
  • Move work orders from one technician to another to accommodate service calls that run over their scheduled time, and for emergency service.
  • View the day’s schedule in graph mode to help evaluate workload by hours scheduled instead of number of calls. This helps prevent over-booked technicians and keeps workers from sitting idle.

Streamlined Billing

  • No need to re-key ANY data from the service module in order to generate an invoice.
  • Flexible billing that allows you to decide how to mark-up line items and what the invoice format shows your customer.
  • Billing for a service site can go to the customer, project manager, or even a product manufacturer for warranty billing.

Better Reporting

  • Improved reporting shows where service teams are making money – by client, job site, service type or technician.
  • View detailed history of work completed at a customer site to help them budget for future expenses and provide information as their trusted advisor.

Manage Service Contracts

  • Streamline your service operations to allow you to sell more service contracts, create more income, and provide work for employees on low call volume days.
  • Employees waste less time waiting for a service call, and your con-tracts become more profitable.
    Improve Field Service
  • Good service management allows you to dispatch service calls directly to your techs equipped with a mobile device.
  • Maps, directions to the work site, and important job information can be sent automatically.
  • When technicians finish a service call, they can open a form and have the customer sign-off directly on the tablet.
  • Notes about work performed, parts required, and special actions taken are conveniently stored for future reference.
  • Handwritten information on the tablet is transferred to type, eliminating others having to decipher handwriting.

Streamlining the service call process allows your technicians to spend more time on service work and less time receiving phone calls, search-ing for a particular location, and keeping track of paperwork.

This efficient method of dispatching service calls and managing the required work ticket documentation also reduces costly trips back and forth between the field and the office.

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