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If you’re involved in construction sales, you know how difficult and time consuming it can be to track all the moving pieces involved in the sales process.  What can a sales executive do to make the process easier and more efficient?

The answer just might be CRM software.  In case you’re not familiar with it, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.    Good CRM software helps companies manage and analyze their customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle with the goal of improving business relationships.

In the past, construction companies have shied away from CRM software because it was too generic and didn’t handle the specific needs of contractors.  But that has changed with the introduction of products specifically built with contractors in mind.  Here are just a few sales features that a good CRM can help with:

  1. Managing Bid Process – Easily gain visibility of bid due dates, who they are assigned to, and what stage of the bidding process the job is in.
  2. Tracking touches on bids – Everyone in the organization will be able to view the “actions” on bids, who did what when. Created a centralized location for data gathering creating efficiency.
  3. Sales/Salesman Dashboards – Gives individual sales people the ability to view their bids, won/loss ratios, total dollar amount out for bid, etc. (Ability to customize data for measuring) Allows managers to view all sales people and company stats as well.
  4. Sales Forecasting/Pipeline management – Allows visibility of bids and the probability of winning them. This helps to illustrate the need for resource ramp up to take on more work, being proactive versus reactive.
  5. Appointment and Contact Scheduling – The ability to manage appointments and schedule them to your Outlook calendar.
  6. Marketing and Sales Campaign Management – Easily create, grow and maintain client and contact lists organized by any data points the client desires. These lists can then be used for marketing campaigns via mail or email.

Good CRM software is out there that is affordable, simple to use, quick to deploy, and empowers your sales team to manage the business development process from rumor to order.

Call us if you’re interested in the details of how CRM has helped our contractor clients, and want to learn more about what it can do for you.