construction-softwareIf you’re in the construction business, you’re well aware of the issues and challenges contractors face. Among estimating jobs correctly, coordinating materials and costs, and communicating with the crew, it can be quite a struggle to keep up. There are so many moving parts, it’s difficult to accurately determine labor costs ahead of time — let alone know if the entire project is on budget. Waiting on approvals to move projects forward can be frustrating, and with so many delays, project deadlines may seem arbitrary at best. The question is, does it have to be so difficult? Visibility into multiple areas of your construction projects is key in managing the projects successfully. It’s essential that you address some construction-specific pain points to obtain the visibility and predictability you need to keep your construction projects on budget and on time.

Quickbooks can only go so far. That’s where ComputerEase comes in.

ComputerEase is an all-in-one system designed to keep everyone connected — whether they’re in the office or in the field — allowing you to work from anywhere in the world. It’s an efficient software tool that works seamlessly with Outlook and will help you streamline every aspect of your business, from purchase order tracking to job cost.

ComputerEase allows for

  • easy integration and use,
  • accurate job cost prediction,
  • tracking every step of each job,
  • employee tracking,
  • materials costs,
  • job process documentation,
  • scheduling,
  • access to client information,
  • report submissions,
  • change tracking,
  • company access to all information so everyone is in the loop, and
  • approvals.

Having everything you need in one place maximizes visibility and streamlines every job. It takes guesswork and the arbitrary estimations away, which helps you avoid costly mistakes.

Many construction company leaders know they need project management software, but they’re afraid of the investment, time commitment, and learning curve necessary to train everyone.

That’s where the experts at Common Sense Solutions can help. Our Common Sense integration team — with over 40 years’ experience in the construction business — will help you get setup and be there for you, offering training and support. Technology has changed the game for construction professionals, and now is the time to embrace it. Don’t resist because you think it will be difficult to get everyone up to speed.

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