CE Custom Dashboard

We often hear our clients say, “I didn’t know ComputerEase could do that!” One of those under-utilized tools in ComputerEase is the dashboard.

If you’re not familiar with software dashboards, they act very much like the dashboard in your car — a central location to access and analyze up-to-date information so you can make smarter and safer decisions. Good software dashboards enable you to monitor and measure sales, job performance, and other metrics in real-time.

ComputerEase offers a basic dashboard that comes with the system, but I bet you didn’t know those dashboards can be customized to provide you with analytics specific to your company’s key performance indicators.

Below is an example of a dashboard we have customized to review YTD sales and WIP by Department.

Dashboard Details:

RED (TOP LEFT) – Breakdown of department by hours and revenue earned per hour by department (Jobs & Service)
YELLOW (TOP RIGHT) – Department billing breakdown – (currently available in financial statements only)
PURPLE (MIDDLE RIGHT) – Service billing (breakdown of profit centers within departments)
RED (LOWER RIGHT) Financial snapshot of YTD information
GREEN (LOWER LEFT) – Outstanding estimates from CE CRM module
BOTTOM – Snap shot of open AR and AP YTD.

Contact us for a quote on a shiny new custom dashboard of your own!

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