All roads lead to accounting.  At least that is what our more profitable clients tell us.  A good accounting program will tell you at a glance where your jobs stand in terms of estimated vs. actual costs, percent complete, cash flow, over/under billing and most importantly, profitability.  A lot of important business decisions are made with the financial reports that come out of an accounting system.

That’s why we get so many requests to integrate the beginning of the process – estimates, budgets and quoting – with ComputerEase accounting.

We’ve created an Estimate Integration Tool (EI) that makes the quoting process easier by:

  • Adding additional items from ComputerEase inventory
  • Adjusting labor and material margins
  • Applying a sales or use tax rate
  • Overriding items line by line
  • Sending details to ComputerEase to print a Quote
  • Editing and copying prior quotes
  • Maintaining a history of all quote draft copies

Once a quote is approved by the customer, the budget is automatically sent to ComputerEase to:

  • Create the contract amount and all cost details to a ComputerEase job budget
  • Create the materials details for a ComputerEase Pull List

Change Orders

You know that a profitable job does not end once the deal is signed.  An important part of job profits are change orders and how they are handled.  The EI tool will allow the same ability to import spreadsheets, add items from inventory, and manipulate final pricing, but can also create the detailed change order for ComputerEase.  The tool provides the ability to do all of the functions noted above plus:

  • Send the details to ComputerEase to print a Change Order Quote
  • Send the details to ComputerEase for adding a Change Order to a Job
  • Send the details to a new Pull List

This integration tool has saved a ton of time for those contractors heavy on the bidding side.  If your business does  XX or more quotes a day/week/month, then it’s worth some of your time to see how much time you can save.

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