Creating a new bank account – Check List
Check List of all areas to be reviewed/changed when switching to a new bank account.
Vendor Discounts
Step by Step Procedures for setting up and utilizing vendor discounts.
Title Company Payments
Step by step procedures for tracking title company payments.
Credit Card Payment
Step by step procedures for using credit card payment methods.
Invoice Routing
Step by step setup and procedures for utilizing the invoice routing feature.
Subcontractor Center Calculations
Explanation of how the Subcontractor Center fields are calculated.
Comdata EPayables
This interface will allow you to process payments for both regular vendors as well as approved Comdata vendors and then CE will automatically create a file that is uploaded to Comdata for processing.
This tracking app will allow you to record and manage all of your company or personal expenses right on your Apple or Android phone/tablet from anywhere. Step by step instructions include entering and submitting of expenses.
Entering Expenses
Work on Payees
Processing Expenses