AIA Invoicing
Procedures for AIA Invoicing (Stored Materials and Change Orders).
Adjusting Payments
Lists several scenarios for adjusting payments and customer account balances.
Billing Retention
Procedures for billing retention (AIA and Freeform Invoices)
Computing Finance Charges
Step by step procedures for generating Finance Charges on (customer)
past-due charges.
Cyclical Billing Procedures
Step by step procedures for setting up and utilizing the Cyclical Billing Program.
Miscellaneous Cash
Step by step procedures for handling miscellaneous cash payments.
Step by step procedures for utilizing the Quote Module.
Retention Reporting – Transaction Clean Up
Documentation for procedures on removing unbilled retention records from the Retention Due and Aging Reports.
Undoing Freeform Invoices
Procedures for reversing and/or reposting a freeform invoice.