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    Help Desk

    Where Do Small Businesses Turn For IT Help?

    Large businesses have the luxury of in-house help desk teams to provide a point of contact for users to get answers to questions,troubleshooting, and solving problems.


    Common Sense Solutions thinks it’s only fair that small businesses should have the same resources available to them, so we built a help desk solution just for small businesses.

    Here are a few of the services our help desk team provides:

    Support for desktops, laptops, mobile, and other peripheral devices

    Set up and configuration of computers for new users

    Help with your MS Office or Office 365 accounts

    Vendor support – internet provider, copier or specialty software

    VoIP telephone hardware, security cameras or videoconferencing

    Printing, scanning and other add on devices

    Help Desk Support

    If it doesn’t fall into one of these categories, we can handle it too, just ask!