How Does Your Current HR System Stack Up?

Take this quiz to find out!

Most small business owners say that their #1 toughest management issue is sourcing, managing and retaining good employees. Yet ask those same small business owners, and they’ll tell you they track all their employee related issues in old-fashioned paper files or some combination of spread sheets and/or other electronic documents.   It’s a proven fact that utilizing a human resource information system can save time and money, so what’s stopping them from automating HR?

If you can’t answer “YES” on every point below, it just might be time to look into a better way to manage your company’s time-consuming and tedious HR tasks.

  • Can you easily save and retrieve all employee-related data from one central place?
  • Does your HR data integrate with your payroll and accounting systems?hr
  • Are your HR & labor costs tied to jobs and projects for job cost purposes?
  • Could you easily pull up an applicant’s information and history if required?
  • Can your employees go to a self-service web portal to update their data?
  • Do you have an electronic checklist for each new employee you onboard?
  • Can you immediately access emergency contact info if required to do so?
  • Is it easy to keep track of paid time off?
  • Do you have a secure, on-line application to store and report on applicant data?
  • Are you reminded of annual review dates coming near?
  • Do you have historical review documentation saved to easily refer back to?
  • Can you easily match company equipment with the employee it’s assigned to?
  • Is it easy to pull up an employee’s safety training schedule and history?
  • Do you get automated reminders of upcoming certification renewals?
  • Do you have a built-in document management system to store and retrieve all employee related documents?
  • Do you have a system that lets you build automated workflows for all your important processes?
  • Is getting an HR report as easy as pushing a button?


Stop wasting time on HR tasks!

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