Back in early 2019, one of the very first actions taken by the new administration in Illinois was to amend the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act (IPWA).  While many changes took effect in 2019, one material change was set to become effective September 1, 2020.  This change requires all contractors to submit their monthly certified transcript of payroll via the Illinois Department of Labor’s electronic database.  To be clear, the Certified Transcript of Payroll submission under Illinois’ Prevailing Wage Act is now electronic and should be utilized by all contractors beginning with the October 15, 2020 submission.

This means that paper copies will no longer be accepted and a CSV comma delimited file must be uploaded.  There are no exceptions, and contractors are required to use the IDOL site and should discontinue sending certified payrolls to owners.

More information about this regulation, as well as updates and contact information, can be viewed at

Your ComputerEase software is compliant with all Federal laws and tax reporting.  However, each state, county and local authority has their own unique tax reporting requirements and ComputerEase can’t develop a program that can accommodate all reporting requirements for all states.  So Common Sense Solutions has stepped in to build a custom interface that easily downloads this information from ComputerEase and creates a file that can be uploaded to the State’s website.

This interface has a one-time cost of $995.  There is some setup required in ComputerEase (as user defined fields) to meet the State’s unique electronic filing requirements.  We have a document available that outlines the setup for do-it-yourselfers, or we can do the set up and training for you for an additional training fee.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this interface, fill out the form or give us a call at 888-523-2568.

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    “When we watched the Illinois Department of Labor’s tutorial on how to upload the certified payroll to their new certified payroll portal, we were quite overwhelmed.  There was so much information to enter.  We made a call to Common Sense Solutions to see if they might possibly have a template.  Thankfully they had already prepared a template.  The process is very quick and easy to set up.  Once you have the template uploaded to your system,  you are able to upload your certified payroll excel file to your desktop, open the IDOL website and import it to the website.  It is a VERY easy process and saves a considerable amount of time.  We are very pleased with the report.”

    Donna Braddy , Shores Builders Inc.