Managing all the moving pieces of your service team can be a headache.

Use the ComputerEase Service Management module and make those headaches go away!
This module easily allows you to:

  • Track work orders
  • Attach purchase orders for work completed
  • Set markups
  • Import hours worked to payroll
  • Automatically schedule preventative maintenance work orders for service to be performed on a monthly/quarterly/bi-annual/annual basis
  • Generate contract billings automatically for monthly/quarterly/yearly invoicing
  • Assign contracts to a piece of equipment to track service maintenance schedules
  • Generate reports to track contract renewals, billings, history, and other detailed information.
  • Determine profitability by site, tech, work order, customer, etc.
  • Use the dispatch board to enter/edit, assign, print, and manage work orders for scheduling

The best part is that Service Management is fully integrated with Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, and FieldEase.