A mobile application, (or mobile app), is a software program designed to run on a mobile device like a phone or tablet.  Apps were originally intended for common usage like email, calendars, and contacts, but they became very popular and expanded into other areas critical to business operations.  Here are a few of the mobile apps we have available to make your people more efficient and jobs more profitable.

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Mobile Applications

Track Your Resources on Demand.  Inventory management can be one of the biggest headaches a contractor deals with on a daily basis.  Your crucial supplies are constantly in use on multiple jobs.  Without an easy way to keep track of them, one or two pieces are bound to fall through the cracks.

Barcode scanners have made inventory management a lot easier, but who wants to maintain a separate system for inventory management, barcode scanning, accounting and everything else under the sun?

ComputerEase has developed a fully-integrated Inventory Transfer App for Contractors.  This app turns your mobile device into a barcode scanner and a point of access to your database with a direct link to the Purchasing & Inventory Module.

Log your hours from anywhere!  In today’s fast-paced construction industry, accurate time entry is critical to a contractor’s success.  That’s why ComputerEase has developed a state-of-the-art Time Tracking App for iOS and Android devices.

The Time Tracking App integrates with the ComputerEase payroll system to make time tracking easier than ever.  As soon as your workers arrive in the field, they can enter their time via their mobile device.  This can be in the hands of the individual worker, the supervisor or the field manager depending on the way your company handles the process.

This integration means that information automatically flows to your payroll system, ensuring that you always have accurate timesheets in the office, the field or anywhere else your company does its work.

Track your expenses and reimbursements from anywhere!  Tracking expenses can be a real pain.  Saving all your receipts, storing them in your truck until you have a chance to go by the office, filling out all the forms required to submit them to accounts payable, and waiting for weeks for them to process not knowing what the status is.  Fortunately, with our mobile expense and reimbursement app, we’ve simplified the steps between making a purchase and being reimbursed.

This integration eliminates a lot of the headaches that usually come with tracking expenses.  With ExpenseEase, you can record, submit and track expenses and reimbursements from anywhere and they’ll show up automatically in your Accounts Payable module.

Anytime, anywhere access! FieldEase is an all-in-one Field to Office collaboration system uniquely designed to keep everyone in the office and in the field on the same page.

With access from anywhere, anytime, FieldEase streamlines all of your administrative tasks.  The seamless integration of FieldEase with your existing ComputerEase system allows you to access information and reports in real-time.  You now have the power to remotely:

  • Work from anywhere, anytime
  • Easily track field productivity
  • Instantly dispatch work orders to your service technicians
  • Streamline payroll with up-to-date time collection & eliminate duplicate entries
  • Seamlessly access invoices for approval
  • Create field logs & purchase orders on the fly
  • Access hundreds of ComputerEase reports on-demand
  • Have real-time Integration with your ComputerEase system.

What percentage of your employees would you say use their phones and tablets daily to do routine things – like order food, make reservations or even find a date?  So why not let them use what they’re already comfortable with to make them more efficient at work?

We’ve taken the complications out of work order processing and created a paperless, mobile work order solution to save time, money and eliminate steps from your employees daily tasks so they can work more efficiently.

Mobile Work Orders will help to:

  • Track travel and work time by work order
  • Attach photos or other files to a work order
  • Eliminate lost paperwork
  • Minimize client disputes
  • Automatically send emails when needed
  • Track multiple workers per work order
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Automatically update accounting for more accurate job costing
  • Eliminate paper copies

How do you manage your work orders now?  Most of the time people respond with spreadsheets, standalone work order tools or good old fashioned paper, and some companies have no system in place at all.  Now’s the time to look at a work order system that provides mobility and communication, while improving efficiency and the bottom line.

Now’s a great time to look at a solution built specifically with your company in mind, we’re here to help you grow.

New software is intimidating for a new user, so I really am depending on you all.  I appreciate all of your help and knowledge! Thanks for being so kind and patient!

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