Network Design and Implementation

Is your network slow? Is your network optimized for your business?

Our team of professionals can design a network that fits your business and workflow. We will install the right technology and infrastructure for your current needs and future growth. With Common Sense Solutions’ expert staff, we have designed and built networks for customers of all sizes and shapes. Why spend time and money on network equipment only to find out it won’t work for your business? Let us take the guesswork out of network setup.

Some of the products and services that may be included in your network design project:

  • The right firewall and protection service to fit your needs
  • Network switches
  • WiFi integration
  • Total network security and intrusion protection
  • Website blocking and access management
  • Remote network access
  • Current network upgrade and redesign
  • Network failover in case of ISP outage
  • Network segmenting for access and security
  • Consulting services
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