Network Security

Network security threats increase in number and sophistication, so robust security solutions are critical to keeping your network protected and your business running smoothly.  Consider the security of your server, web applications, network and data, anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-phishing solutions for email security.

Why Expert Network Security Is Important:

  • Multiple Protection Packages – You may rely more on your email communications than on your web site, but desktop anti-virus protection can be difficult to manage.  A better, more robust email security solution is one on the server side, which is more reliable and can provide anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-phishing in a single package.
  • Current Coverage – Most businesses don’t have the time to verify daily that their server is running the latest protection service release.  Since your server is online 24/7/365, its update status should be monitored daily.
  • Expertise – Most attacks come through insecure web applications, but evaluating software choices or performing tests is understandably outside of the expertise of most small businesses.  You may be running insecure applications with inadequate security controls, a threat that can be lessened with firewalls and vulnerability audits.

How Common Sense Solutions Can Help:

  • Server Security Management – We offer server operating system updates and security checks to provide you with a higher baseline security level.
  • Vulnerability Testing – We scan your servers and web applications for potential security issues, which can be done as a recurring service to help ensure ongoing protection.
  • Firewall Management – We design, deploy and configure firewall systems to protect your network from malicious attacks.
  • Email Security – We deploy and maintain anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-phishing email security for your entire network.
  • Web Application Security – To protect your web applications from exploits, we offer web application firewall design, deployment and management.
  • Server Security – We provide deployment-time security measures that give you a stable foundation for building secure technology.
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