Microsoft Office 365 Made Easy

Living through a pandemic has taught us important lessons about being able to work efficiently from home.  If you were already a home worker, the transition was no big deal.  For everyone else, learning tools like Zoom, Teams and messaging apps can make for a challenging situation.

We’ve helped many of our clients simplify their remote lives by transitioning to Microsoft Office 365, and by using its Teams application to communicate.  Teams has the features of Zoom and instant messaging, but is integrated with Outlook and the rest of the Microsoft Office product line.

We’d like to show you how moving to Office 365 can eliminate the costs, complexity and problems associated with most IT upgrades.  In fact, we typically lower our client’s IT upgrade and maintenance costs by 10-20%, and

  • Drastically reduce system crashes, slowness, viruses and other frustrating technical problems
  • Provide the freedom and flexibility to easily work from home or on the road using your favorite mobile device
  • Deliver instant disaster recovery so you’ll never lose important files and data due to a server crash, hardware failure, disgruntled employee, fire or other data-erasing disaster. Plus, you’ll eliminate the added cost of backing up your files
  • Ensure the security of your data and systems, giving you greater peace of mind that you won’t lose critical files and documents due to hackers, viruses or other threats.
  • Automatically synchronize files between your local computer and the secure Microsoft data center. Files are not only available for anyone else if needed, they are automatically being backed up.

Migrating your email or your entire office suite to Office 365 is likely to be one of the most important and visible IT projects you’ll handleGet it right and you’ll become the office hero.  Get it wrong – or simply overlook one important detail – and the migration can quickly turn into a disaster, with downtime, business disruptions, lost data, licensing issues –you get the picture….

At no cost or obligation, we’d like to connect you with one of our senior consultants and give you a free, customized Office 365 Migration Roadmap.  You will receive:

  • An Office 365 Migration Roadmap that details the steps for a clean migration of all your data to greatly reduce downtime, lessen disruption of your company’s operations, and decrease project costs.
  • Our help in navigating the confusing and complicated licensing options Microsoft offers for various products (Exchange, Office, Teams, etc.), so you don’t overpay for licenses and you get exactly what you need.
  • Answers to how your system administrator responsibilities will change once you’ve migrated to Office 365, including how to support users, administer backups, manage authentication, security, etc. (the good news is that it gets easier).
  • A detailed total cost of ownership that will show you a true comparison of what an on premise upgrade for Exchange and Office will cost versus moving to Office 365 initially, and over a period of three to four years.
Microsoft Office 365

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This consultation will reveal if moving to Office 365 will deliver the cost-savings and increased performance you want.  We’ll evaluate your current IT systems, how you work, applications you use, your budget and a number of other factors to give you fact-based answers to whether or not upgrading to Office 365 is the best option for your organization.  And if you do decide to make the move and use us as your migration partner, we’ll give you a 10% discount off our regular implementation fees as part of  this special offer.