Don’t Hold Up Final Payment

As a contractor, your biggest challenge is managing the thousands of details involved with completing a job. Typically, when the project has reached substantial completion, a pre-final inspection takes place with the owner or GC in order to prepare a list of uncompleted or unsatisfactory work items.  These unfinished or unsatisfactory items are commonly referred to as punch lists. It is important for contractors to keep track of these items since their final payment and release of retainage almost always depends on completion of these punch lists.

The ComputerEase Punch List program will help contractors complete the project faster by streamlining the communication with owners, subcontractors, employees and GC’s regarding the details of work to complete. You can create multiple lists for each job, which allows you to organize and track each item by responsible party.

The ComputerEase Punch List program allows you to track who completed each item and when they completed it, as well as who approved the completion of each item and when it was approved. This detailed tracking will allow you to make sure that every item is complete and there are no surprises when it’s time to get paid. As we all know, there is nothing worse than expecting that payment or release of retainage only to find out that there was one item still incomplete and that item is holding up the entire payment. With the ComputerEase Punch List program you will never have to worry about this again!

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