Purchase Orders

Perfect For The Superintendent Who Wants to Stay In the Field – And Out Of The Office

Field personnel can enter POs with FieldEase and transmit them to the ComputerEase host system. Vendors may be selected from a list imported from ComputerEase. A PO can be created on demand and printed if the vendor requires a hard copy, or can be transmitted back to the ComputerEase host system for processing and completion. Prices can be automated, transferred from purchase order history files, or entered individually.  Also, users with a tablet PC can utilize the handwritten notes feature. The notes are captured on the tablet and transmitted back to ComputerEase along with the remaining PO information. Handwritten notes can be multiple pages and can be any writing or drawing done with the tablet PC digital pen.  You can even capture handwritten approval signatures. End the paper chase and keep your field personnel in the field.

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