Custom Reports

Payroll Reports

  1. Federal WH347 certified payroll report on their form (PDF).
  2. IL Department of Labor CM452 certified payroll report on their form (PDF).
  3. Positive pay report and export that can be uploaded to the customer’s bank for fraud prevention. Each bank has their own file format; we have the formats for the following banks already designed:
  • First Bank
  • SunTrust
  • BB&T
  • Valley View Bank
  • Wachovia
  • Commerce Bank
  • Enterprise Bank
  • UMB Bank
  • WinTrust Financial
  • BMO Harris Bank
  1. Wachovia Contribution and Census Report/Export that can be uploaded to the Wachovia website for reporting 401k info.
  2. P/R check with pre-printed signature.
  3. PA Department of Labor and Industry certified payroll report on their form (PDF).
  4. Pinnacle Financial Services Contribution and Census Report/Export that can be uploaded to the Pinnacle website for reporting 401k info.

Accounts Payable

  1. A/P check with pre-printed signature.
  2. Inventory valuation and gross margin report using last cost instead of average cost.
  3. NACHA ACH export for a/p to allow direct deposit for account payable vendors.


General Ledger

  1. Cash register report, based on the general ledger, that looks like a cash register that you would keep in your checkbook showing deposits and checks issued with a running cash balance. (PDF)

Sales Tax

  1. Cash basis sales tax report w/totals. (PDF)


  1. AISC Certification Tracking Report for tracking quality standards required for government work. (PDF)
  2. IL Capitol Development Board contractors CSV and CASS forms for billing work done thru the IL CDB. (PDF)
  3. Conoco-Phillips CCM billing export; used to electronically bill work done at any Conoco-Phillips refinery. This requires extensive setup.
  4. Chicago Title and Trust billing forms and lien waivers. (waiver lein affidavit & sworn statement)
  5. Arkansas new hire report and export. (PDF)


Worker’s Comp

  1. Workers comp report with actual hours & pay for both ST & OT. (PDF)
  2. Workers’ Comp report by employee/code w/OCIP breakout for those users who have customers using OCIP. (PDF)


Other Report Information You Should Know

  • We can design reports (certified payroll, etc) to automatically populate a fillable PDF form for any agency that provides a fillable pdf.
  • We can create electronic union reports for upload to a union website if the union allows electronic reporting. Supply us with the file spec that is required by the union and we can create the upload file for you.
  • You can export any ComputerEase report to a .csv file which can then be opened in Excel. Sign up for one of our online reporting classes to learn more!
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