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Terry O’Rourke

Construction Worker

A Technology Upgrade Can Make Your Construction Business More Successful

Construction business is booming, and many professionals are finding that, because things are moving so quickly, it’s more important than ever to embrace systems and technologies that automate and streamline operations. Still, deciding to make the leap and improve your IT setup can be difficult — but it shouldn’t be.

As a construction professional, your days are already packed with managing the challenges of your business. You need to give your attention to bidding, estimating, managing your workforce, and tracking time and materials. You carry a lot of risk with each job, so you’re always on the lookout for the unexpected change that can throw a wrench into each job’s profits.

New technology can help you track all your project details from bid to payment, make your process run smoothly, and stay profitable on every job you do.

Good news: You don’t have to keep doing things the old way.

Today, you have access to comprehensive, purpose-built technology solutions for your construction and contracting business. Through integrated software, mobile applications, and the support of IT experts who know your industry, your team members in the office and in the field can:

  • estimate jobs more accurately;
  • instantly document the progress of ongoing jobs with photos and detailed information;
  • document changes in work orders and project the costs of those changes;
  • track materials and their costs;
  • easily schedule employees and track their times and locations;
  • use real-time information to make timely and accurate decisions that keep jobs moving forward;
  • track daily customer interactions and submit reports from job sites so there is no guesswork on Monday morning; and even
  • have all customer information in one place for easy access to all who need it.

Getting over the learning curve is not as difficult as you may assume.

If you’ve been resisting updating your business software or adopting mobile apps because you’re worried about your employees’ learning curves, you shouldn’t worry.

We have become a society of tech-savvy internet users who won’t leave home without our smartphones. Everywhere we go, people are texting, posting on Facebook, tweeting — and even chasing the closest Pokemon. Age and experience are no longer barriers; young and old, we all know how to use the technology. We’ve found that the ones who say they don’t or can’t use new technology are usually already familiar with everything they need — they just assume that it will be too complex for them.

Focus on choosing the technologies that will streamline time-consuming, costly processes. The best part: You don’t have to go it alone.

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