• CSS is a rare company ....offering knowledgeable computer services in today’s business world, top notch technical support, and a staff that genuinely cares about their clients. In 20 years of business, contracting CSS was one of the best decision I ever made. It allowed me to be with my staff focusing on my customers, confident that the technical aspects were well designed, purchased and programmed for my needs. They were secured and backed up with remote assistance in a matter of minutes should the need arise! Once again I thank you for your tremendous support.

    Rebecca Courtright
    Courtright's Restaurant

    With ComputerEase, we went from three programs to one. We were using a database program to keep job details for our sales staff, QuickBooks for accounting and Excel spreadsheets for everything else. No more jumping from program to program.

    Pete Cikesh
    Interior Systems, Inc.

    I’d recommend ComputerEase and Common Sense Solutions to any contractor. We get the job costing data we need from the software to run our business. Plus the support we receive is better than any other we’ve experienced. It’s better, faster, and they definitely know the system. With QuickBooks or other software programs, I was never sure who I was talking to or if they even knew what they were talking about. I never worry about that anymore when I call with a support question.

    Candy Branham
    Branham Electric

  • Ongoing support is great, I particularly like the free webinars that are offered. We especially took advantage of them when we were new users. The information offered is very valuable.

    Jahnne Kae Blattner
    Wissehr Electrical Contractors

    Although a good CRM, Salesforce was not “the best” CRM for our company. After extensive research, we decided to go with Project-SalesAchiever and I don’t think that we could have made a better choice. Not only has Project-SalesAchiever CRM met ALL of our needs, but the staff at Project-SalesAchiever has constantly delivered excellent customer service. For companies that are project-based, such as those in the construction industry and ourselves, Project-SalesAchiever CRM is the #1 CRM option available today.

    Head of Marketing
    AVL Systems

    Support For The Paranoid: As I’m working through new stuff, like lien waivers, I feel very comfortable calling support with questions. I’m a paranoid person, and the support line is my reassurance that I’m not doing anything wrong. As a new user, I need that calming effect.

    Shannon Bartch
    Bartch Roofing

  • For me personally, the simplicity of ComputerEase has helped to cut down my workload. And I’m absolutely confident that my numbers are correct. My month-ends and year-ends always balance and produce reports that make sense to my CPA. And if I ever do need support, I know I can call Common Sense Solutions at any time and they’ll be able to answer my questions. They stay on the phone with me until I know what I’m doing. I’m very happy with support — they always exceed my expectations!

    Linda Hall
    Ordaz Construction Co.

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