Virtual CIO ConsultingEvery business needs technology to collaborate remotely, process payments, schedule appointments, pay employees, send email or perform a million other tasks daily.

Who looks at the big picture of how IT supports your business and positions you for a strategic advantage.  We think that’s our job.

You could benefit from the experience of a Virtual CIO (vCIO) — a dedicated resource who serves as a Chief Information Officer on a flexible basis.  Our role in serving as a vCIO is to formulate strategic IT goals for your company, and with your input, create and manage an IT strategy and budget that meets those goals.  This could be a one-time project or a couple of hours a month on an on-going basis.  As a vCIO, here is some of the planning we can help with:

  • Undertake a search for new software. Many companies are continuing to use old software that is hindering performance.  They would love to replace it, but don’t know how to find the best fit, or don’t have the time.  We’ve helped clients find and implement the correct software, increasing revenue and decreasing expenses.
  • When was the last time you took a good look at the hardware, software, processes and procedures you are using? Are they outdated, unsafe, or wasting your time and money?  In-house IT teams are terrific at keeping your infrastructure up and running, but an outsider can bring in a fresh perspective.
  • Provide security and disaster planning. Security is quickly becoming a top priority for all businesses as breaches occur more often and are becoming more serious.  Small businesses are not immune to attacks simply because are smaller, and a vCIO can provide you with a security roadmap to keep your data safe.

Implementing  your Total Care Program has been so important to me because of everything else that I have to do.  Emails, making sure nothing is exposed or anything open, that is a safeguard.  I don’t have to worry about it and that is a relief to me. With the old firm, I was the first line of defense because we had limits on how much support time we could use.  So because of my technical background, I would have to troubleshoot those ticket to avoid overages.   That would take time away from me and my regular job.  And that’s a busy day to take time away from.

Denise, Elevated Construction