Full-Spectrum Communications Built for Every Business

We have never been as grateful for an internet based communications system as with the recent pandemic and the requirement to work from home.  Yes, our phone system worked great when we were all in the office.  But we found out its true value when we had to quickly transform our communication system to take home with us.  Within a matter of hours, we were all working remotely and none of the clients we support on a day-to-day basis could tell the difference.

A good voice over IP system (VoIP) should come with the basics of reliability and ease of use, but also provide you with options that you can mix and match to your business needs, and scale as you grow.  These options include unifying your voice, video, fax, mobile, chat, and presence management into one platform.

Benefits to note when considering VoIP:

    • Almost always more cost-effective than a conventional phone system
    • Direct your office calls to your mobile device without the client ever knowing your personal number
    • Seamless, single number service, and texting
    • Built-in backup and disaster recovery feature
    • Unique and reliable cloud architecture
    • Instant messaging.  Stay productive without picking up your phone
    • Store phone numbers and contact information for automatic dialing
    • Customized integration with major CRM platforms
    • Built-in video conferencing
    • 24/7 auto attendant
    • Read-to-text voicemail
    • Easy to forward audio voicemail files
VOIP Phone Services

If you’ve been thinking about turning your old phone system into a modern unified communication environment, contact us. 

We’ve helped many businesses just like yours select and implement the perfect solution.