Common Sense Solutions has taken the complications out work order processing and created a paperless, mobile work order solution to save time, money and eliminate steps from your employees daily tasks so they can work more efficiently.

Our Mobile Work Order app will help to:

  • Track travel and work time by work order
  • Attach photos or other files to a work order
  • Eliminate lost paperwork
  • Minimize client disputes
  • Automatically send emails when needed
  • Track multiple workers per work order
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Automatically update accounting for more accurate job costing
  • Eliminate paper copies
Mobile Applications

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With ComputerEase, we went from three programs to one. We were using a database program to keep job details for our sales staff, QuickBooks for accounting and Excel spreadsheets for everything else. No more jumping from program to program.

Pete Cikesh, Interior Systems, Inc.